In the Bible, from the book of Genesis chapter 1, God already demonstrated the spirit of freedom. He gave Adam and Eve the freedom to enjoy life in the Garden of Eden along with the responsibility of taking good care of everything. If they will fail to become responsible, they are going to face the consequence of it, like what happened. God gave us the freedom of choice but we should be responsible for the choices we make. God gave us authority on the things we are called to, not on the things we should not do. We do not have the right to oppose the authority of God over our life. If we do, we will be called disobedient or in the other terms “REBEL”.

Freedom is the way we live our life responsibly but rebellion is the way we live opposing the authority. When Adam and Eve failed to obey God and his authority over them, sin becomes a nature in every human being. But when Christ came to our world He redeemed us and gave us new life of grace to learn to obey God in every way we can. The bible says, “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”. Only through Christ we can please God. But without Christ, everything we think, we do for God is futile because without Jesus in our life, we are still considered a “REBEL”, a SINNER.



  1. Thank God for His glorious provision for our life and godliness through His Son Jesus Christ. God bless you:) http://holdingforthhisword.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/word-power/

    • Hi Eliza, thank you for liking the blog. God bless you too my friend. Let us continue to share God’s goodness to others. He is glorified everytime we do it.=)

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